Story 12.03.2020

Nesterov Aviation – The Authorised Pilatus Centre in Russia

Nesterov Aviation has been an Authorised Pilatus Sales Centre since it was founded in 2014. The company has enjoyed a swift rise and dynamic development in the Russian business aviation market. Nesterov Aviation has grown steadily since it opened and currently employs 15 people. Pilatus Aircraft Ltd

Nesterov Aviation was named after Pyotr Nesterov, a famous Russian pilot and aircraft designer. Amongst his other aviation achievements he is known as the first pilot in the world to fly a loop in 1913 – later named the Nesterov loop. 

An experienced aviation team

Nesterov Aviation is the Authorised Sales Centre for PC-12s and PC-24s in Russia. The company also assists Russian clients with the sale and acquisition of preowned Pilatus aircraft. Its goal is to raise the profile of the Pilatus brand and oversee as many Pilatus aircraft in Russia as possible.

Nesterov Aviation boasts a wealth of civil aviation experience. Eugène Okladnikov, Managing Partner at Nesterov Aviation, was involved in numerous successful business aviation projects prior to setting up the company: with his wide network of contacts he had no difficulty putting together a team with plenty of industry experience. 

Nesterov Aviation is involved in a large variety of activities. The company cultivates a highly client-oriented approach, taking prospects on individual demo flights and presenting Pilatus aircraft at different air shows across Russia and in neighbouring countries. Regular contact with aviation bloggers and media representatives in and outside Russia has also contributed to the growing public interest in Pilatus.

Developing a market with potential

The first Pilatus PC-12s were delivered to Russia in 2007 and have been successfully operated on various missions ever since. The fleet enjoyed continuous growth over the next few years, with over ten aircraft now in operation. Mikhail Alenkin, Managing partner at Nesterov Aviation, comments: “Russian operators and private clients choose Pilatus over other competitors for the Swiss quality and outstanding flight characteristics of their aircraft. Pilatus enjoys an unblemished reputation among Russian clients for a good reason. For years, Pilatus aircraft have flown to the remotest regions of Russia in extreme weather conditions: from the Russian Far East to Central Siberia and the European areas of Russia – covering thousands of miles – saving lives, delivering cargo and transporting passengers, including VIP clients.”

A new service centre for Russian Pilatus customers 

2018 marked a milestone in the history of Nesterov Aviation: already an Authorised Sales Centre, the company was delighted to open the first official Pilatus Service Centre in Russia. It is located in Dobrograd, in the Vladimir region approximately 220 miles (350 kilometres) from Moscow. The centre has all the tools and equipment required to perform aircraft maintenance work, both scheduled and unscheduled: on the airframe, the engine, the propeller and the avionics. It also carries out inspections, warranty maintenance, borescope inspections and flight data processing. All maintenance work is carried out by highly qualified specialists trained to international standards at the Pilatus Training Centre in Stans. 

At the same time as expanding its service centre capacity to cater to the growing number of PC-12s in the region, Nesterov Aviation has also started to prepare for the flagship PC-24 anticipated in 2020. “Nesterov Aviation has successfully represented the Pilatus brand on the Russian market for several years and is the only Authorised Pilatus Sales and Service Centre in Russia. We knew that obtaining the PC-24 dealership was merely a matter of time, and now we have it. We are very excited to present the brand-new Super Versatile Jet to the Russian public. We believe in the PC-24 as much as in the PC-12”, comments Mikhail Alenkin.