Enrol for a Cool Apprenticeship and Get Your Career Off to a Great Start at Pilatus!

Pilatus is proud of its long tradition of providing training for young professionals. The company has trained over 1,300 apprentices in technical and commercial professions since 1942. One-third of them stay with Pilatus on completion of their apprenticeship.

At Pilatus you can look forward to solid, varied, first-class training in an attractive international environment. You will rotate through different departments, allowing you to familiarise yourself with day-to-day operations across the company. Our experienced instructors will ensure you are well equipped to meet the challenges of working life.

14 apprenticeships – we have one that is right for you.

Get your career off to a great start with Pilatus! We offer a total of 18 different vocational courses – 14 in Stans, Switzerland, and four in Broomfield, Colorado, USA.

Stans, Switzerland

Start Your Career in Switzerland

There are 14 apprenticeships to choose from.

Gain an insight into Pilatus operations in Stans

Have we sparked your interest? Would you like to find out more about Pilatus? In that case we would be delighted to welcome you to the Pilatus Info Event in Stans in January 2025 at which there will be a presentation of the training opportunities available in Stans. Our trainers and apprentices will be pleased to answer your questions and talk to you about your career choices.

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“We Have One That Is Right for You”

Broomfield, USA

Start Your Career in the USA

There are three apprenticeships to choose from.

Gain an insight into Pilatus operations in Broomfield

Have we sparked your interest? Would you like to find out more about Pilatus? In that case, we would be delighted to welcome you to our next Apprenticeship Open House Week scheduled for March 2025, when we will provide information about our training programmes and answer all your questions. Our courses start in July of each year.

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A Cool Apprenticeship at Pilatus
Did you know that ...

... we train around 140 apprentices in 14 different careers at Stans and in three careers at Broomfield?

... we pay the costs associated with attending college (e.g. books and fees) and part of the costs involved in travelling to colleges at a distance?

... our apprentices get to take a scenic flight aboard a PC-12?

... Pilatus has trained over 1,300 apprentices since 1942?

... over 30 percent of all apprentices remain with Pilatus after qualifying?

... all our apprentices belong to the Pilatus family, just like all the other employees?

... Pilatus – together with other companies – plays a pioneering role in apprenticeship training in Colorado, USA?

... our apprentices in Switzerland receive a performance-related salary and participate in the company profit-sharing scheme?

... we have a staffed residence available for our foreign apprentices in Switzerland?

... we organise various annual apprentice events in Switzerland, e.g. the business week, camps, excursions and sports afternoons?

... we help finance flying lessons for interested apprentices in Switzerland?

... Pilatus in Switzerland has an official apprentice organisation to represent our apprentices and their concerns?

... apprentices in the USA are paid for their classroom hours?

... apprentices in the USA earn a training wage with the possibility of advancement each year and are entitled to the same holidays and benefits as regular full-time staff?

Examples of successful apprentices

Good Training Pays Off!

An apprenticeship at Pilatus will open the door on a wide choice of career opportunities!

“Trained as an Industrial Painter, is now a Technical Purchaser”