“Pilatus has further sharpened the Swiss army knife of aircraft”
Flight International Magazine – 2/2017
The World’s Greatest Single

Nothing Else Compares

The Pilatus PC-12 NG has gained a reputation for outstanding versatility, performance, reliability and operational flexibility. As such, it is one of the most popular turbine-powered business aircraft on the market today. Whether it is the large cabin, single pilot operations, long range, low operating costs, high speed, short-field capability, or precision Swiss engineering and construction, customers find the perfect balance of features to serve their needs in the PC-12 NG.

Short & Rough Field Performance
Cargo Door
Spacious Cabin
Take-Off Distance
2,602 ft
Max Cruise Speed
285 KTAS
Max Range
1,845 nm

Do One Thing Really, Really Well

Every great product includes a hallmark feature that separates it from the competition. An icon is created from inventing a category where one did not previously exist. One could say the PC-12 NG breaks this tradition by being good at so many things. Yet, the fact that it's so incredibly versatile is indeed the one thing that sets the PC-12 NG apart from those that pretend to be of the same class.

Technical Specs

Max Cruise Speed 285 KTAS
Max Range 4 Pax 1,617 nm
Max Range 6 Pax 1,460 nm
Max Altitude 30,000 ft
Take-Off Distance Over 50 ft Obstacle 2,602 ft
Landing Distance Over 50 ft Obstacle 2,170 ft
Max Rate of Climb 1,920 ft/min
Time to Climb Sea Level to FL 250 20 min
Stall Speed 67 KIAS
Max Cruise Speed 528 km/h
Max Range 4 Pax 2,995 km
Max Range 6 Pax 2,704 km
Max Altitude 9,144 m
Take-Off Distance Over 15 m Obstacle 793 m
Landing Distance Over 15 m Obstacle 661 m
Max Rate of Climb 585 m/min
Time to Climb Sea Level to FL 250 20 min
Stall Speed 124 km/h
Max Ramp 10,495 lb
Max Take-Off Weight 10,450 lb
Max Landing Weight 9,921 lb
Max Zero Fuel 9,039 lb
Usable Fuel 2,704 lb
Max Payload 2,257 lb
Max Payload With Full Fuel 1009 lb
Max Ramp 4,760 kg
Max Take-Off Weight 4,740 kg
Max Landing Weight 4,500 kg
Max Zero Fuel 4,100 kg
Usable Fuel 1,226 kg
Max Payload 1,024 kg
Max Payload With Full Fuel 458 kg

Go Ahead and Stretch Your Legs

Welcome to Pilatus Class. The PC-12 NG’s cabin volume is greater than most turboprops and medium sized business jets costing twice as much. Executive seats engineered for comfort and in-flight access to the baggage compartment set the stage for any trip – quick hop or long haul. A spacious, discrete lavatory is integrated into the forward portion of the cabin offering complete privacy without infringing on baggage space. A completely flat floor gives passengers even greater comfort throughout the longest of flights.

Finest Materials
Max Passengers
10 + 1 Pilot
Max Payload
2,257 lb
Max Altitude
30,000 ft

It’s All in the Details

Form follows function. But in the PC-12 NG, it’s a very close second. Partnered with BMW Designworks to craft modern, elegant interior designs, each aircraft is individually and exquisitely crafted to not only meet the requirements of our customers, but also those of our Swiss manufacturing heritage. From the very moment you enter the cabin, it’s apparent that the PC-12 NG is truly in a class of its own. You’ll appreciate the old world craftsmanship and attention to detail presented in the form of custom leather work, rare-wood cabinetry and fine upholstery that abound throughout the aircraft. Go ahead and sweat the details – we certainly do.

Cabin Dimensions

Cabin Volume 330 ft3
Cabin Length 16 ft 11 in
Cabin Width 5 ft 0 in
Cabin Height 4 ft 10 in
Cabin Floor Width 4 ft 3 in
Passenger Door Height 4 ft 5 in
Passenger Door Width 2 ft 0 in
Cargo Door Height 4 ft 5 in
Cargo Door Width 4 ft 4 in
Baggage Compartment 40 ft3
Cabin Volume 9.34 m3
Cabin Length 5.16 m
Cabin Width 1.52 m
Cabin Height 1.47 m
Cabin Floor Width 1.30 m
Passenger Door Height 1.35 m
Passenger Door Width 0.60 m
Cargo Door Height 1.35 m
Cargo Door Width 1.32 m
Baggage Compartment 1.13 m3

Advanced Has Never Been so Simple

The PC-12 NG’s flight deck is powered by the Honeywell Primus Apex™ integrated avionics suite. This advanced, intuitive system allows the flight crew to interface with the navigation, communication, situational awareness, and aircraft status and alerting systems. It has been specifically developed for the PC-12 NG to provide the high-end capabilities of large business jets and airliners.

SmartView™ Synthetic Vision
Kind of Operation
Single Pilot Certified
Max Take-Off Thrust
1,200 shp
Stall Speed

For Pilots Who Don't Need a Co-Pilot

Only the Pilatus PC-12 NG offers the advanced avionics of a high-end business jet tailored for the single pilot. Featuring an autopilot optimised for stability and smoothness, and SmartView™ synthetic vision with performance-based HUD symbology, the Honeywell Primus Apex™ integrated avionics suite sets the bar for ultimate control and situational awareness without a steep learning curve. Simple. Powerful. Intuitive. Definitely Pilatus.

Special Missions

The World’s Most Versatile Platform

The PC-12 NG is virtually unrivalled in terms of special mission capability. It affords operators the ability to cover a whole range of assignments with a single aircraft type, including surveillance, medical assistance, cargo transport and search and rescue. In other words: missions which require immediate intervention and total reliability.


Engineered Like No Other Aircraft

The latest version of the PC-12 NG both climbs and cruises faster with no increase in horsepower. Through clever aerodynamic refinements, it is five knots faster than its predecessor, with a top cruise speed of 285 knots (528 km/h). Maximum range has been extended to 1,845 nm (3417 km).

Every inner distance ring = 1 hour flight time

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Pilatus aircraft type
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Why Own a PC-12 NG?

Ten Reasons

01 Short Runways

The PC-12 NG can utilise runways as short as 2,600 feet at its maximum weight. Fly closer to your ultimate destination and save overall travel time.

02 Unpaved Surfaces

Able to operate from runways made of dirt, gravel, and grass, the PC-12 NG can take you places you’ve never been in a business aircraft. Go ahead and explore. You might be surprised to see another PC-12 at your favourite backcountry get-away.

03 Cabin Space

With 330 cubic feet (9.34 cubic metres) of cabin volume, you will enjoy more space than business jets costing twice as much. A flat floor gives your passengers more comfort and gives you the ability to easily load just about any cargo you can fit.

04 Cargo Door

Other than Pilatus’ own PC-24 Super Versatile Jet, no other business aircraft features a standard cargo door in addition to a main passenger entry door. Designed to allow a fork-lift to load a standard pallet directly into the cabin, it can surely fit your luggage, your motorcycle, and your surfboard.

05 Leadership

In production for more than 20 years, Pilatus created the category of the large single engine turboprop business aircraft with the PC-12. While traditional business aircraft manufacturers said it would never fly, today it leads the entire market in sales, and enjoys a safety record on a par with professionally-crewed twin engine business jets.

06 Versatility

PC-12s are in use around the world with owner-pilots, corporations, charter and fractional companies, air ambulances, special missions, cargo and law enforcement agencies. This extreme versatility gives owners confidence that their investment in a PC-12 NG is a sound decision.

07 Efficiency

Maybe it’s our Swiss DNA, but we are not wasteful, and neither is our aircraft. The whole concept behind the single engine turboprop PC-12 NG is to travel farther, faster, in more comfort, on less fuel.

08 Resale Value

PC-12 owners and their accountants enjoy one of the highest resale value retention rates in all of business aviation. Historically, 5-year old PC-12s have retained 85 % of their original retail price when sold or traded-in – often for another PC-12.

09 Crafted in Switzerland

Pilatus is the only Swiss aircraft manufacturer. Since 1939, every Pilatus aircraft has been designed and manufactured with legendary Swiss quality. We're proud to be called over-engineered.

10 Customer Support

At Pilatus, we design and support our aircraft with the goal of keeping you flying. Our business model is not built on profiting from our customer’s down time. For 18 consecutive years, our service has been rated #1 in the business turboprop market.

Owner and Operator Experience

Welcome to the Pilatus Family

The PC-12 NG has come to exemplify the unique combination of Swiss engineering and dedicated craftsmanship, yielding a superior flight, passenger, owner and operator experience that is truly beyond comparison. Watch the videos and learn what our customers say about the PC-12 NG.

“The most valuable thing I’ve got in business and my family life is time”

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