We Invented the Basic Trainer. Again.

Modern air forces are challenging suppliers to develop cost effective advanced technological training solutions. The PC-7 MKX comes with an exceptional standard of equipment, performance, and cost-effectiveness for this class of training aircraft. With its worldwide proven Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-25C engine, it provides the lowest engine operating costs of all turboprop trainer aircraft.

Worldwide Proven
Full Flight Simulator
Smart Cockpit
Max Power
700 shp
Max Rate of Climb
2,675 ft/min
Max Speed
300 KEAS

The Ultimate Military Pilot Generator

The PC-7 MKX is based on a proven and easy to fly platform to teach ab initio students. It comes with an exceptional, state-of-the-art standard of equipment in this class of training aircraft.

Offering a reliable and economic training platform, the docile behaviour of the PC-7 MKX in the hands of a beginner provides a confidence-building environment for inexperienced students. With its highly cost-efficient PT6A-25C engine with 700 shaft horsepower, it provides sufficient power even for advanced training.

Pilatus is the world’s only aircraft manufacturer to offer a seamless Training System for all phases of military instruction. A unique 2-platform approach facilitates transition of a student pilot straight into a fifth generation front line asset, or streaming rotary and transport pilots after phase two or three.


Professional Air Forces Use State-Of-The-Art Equipment

The PC-7 MKX is designed to teach basic, yet essential skills that must become second nature for every military pilot. The handling qualities of the PC-7 MKX allow unrestricted use by even the novice student with ample margin for error. After training on the PC-7 MKX, students are capable of safe and professional aircraft operation in military and civil environments – the first step in becoming a successful military aviator and the basis for the following phases of training.

Technical Specs

Take-Off Distance Over 50 ft Obstacle 1,510 ft
Landing Distance Over 50 ft Obstacle 2,264 ft
Max Rate of Climb 2,675 ft/min
Max Cruise Speed (Vh) at Sea Level 240 KTAS
Max Horizontal Speed (Vh) at 10,000 ft 251 KTAS
G Loads Aerobatic + 7.0 g | - 3.5 g
G Loads Utility + 4.5 g | - 2.25 g
Take-Off Distance Over 15 m Obstacle 460 m
Landing Distance Over 50 ft Obstacle 690 m
Max Rate of Climb 815 m/min
Max Cruise Speed (Vh) at Sea Level 445 km/h
Max Horizontal Speed (Vh) at 3,048 m 465 km/h
G Loads Aerobatic + 7.0 g | - 3.5 g
G Loads Utility + 4.5 g | - 2.25 g

Smart Technology At Your Fingertips

The PC-7 MKX’s smart avionics suite offers a broad capability, allowing maximum flexibility for use in a wide variety of training missions.

The cockpit layout is similar to advanced training and fighter platforms. This ensures that the student can easily transition to these platforms when entering the next phase of training. The PC-7 MKX avionics capability is designed as a comprehensive baseline configuration with various add-on options such as synthetic vision system, traffic advisory system, autopilot, cockpit camera and mission debriefing system to meet specific training needs. All these systems prepare student pilots for a new generation of avionics, exposing them to the type of information and workload they are likely to encounter in future aircraft.

Only with the PC-7 MKX, you get an ultra-modern, smart Basic Trainer cockpit with a highly professional software exclusively developed by and for military pilots.


So Forward-Thinking That You’ll Never Look Back

The cockpit features a large primary flight display and multi functional displays to give students the earliest possible exposure to the technology found in today’s front line assets. The primary flight display allows selection of various flight modes, whilst the left and right displays features a moving map for navigation, a Flight Management System and an Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System. Systems can be operated using the bezel keys, or the left multi functional display with help of a touch-screen capability. The up-front-control-panel also features displays to allow selection of frequencies, transponder codes and other flight relevant data.

Tandem Cockpit
G Loads
+ 7.0 g | - 3.5 g
Ejection Seat
Stall Speed


One key objective of a modern Training System is to produce a highly trained pilot capable of meeting the demands of flying today's sophisticated aircraft. With increasing cost of equipment, resources and time, this goal has to be achieved in the most economical way. Preparation on the ground saves perspiration and failure in the air. By the time students commence flying, they should be fully conversant with systems and avionics functionality. The PC-7 MKX Ground-Based Training System translates student learning into an airborne environment. A comprehensive set of training products is available to cover all aspects of groundbased training. From the simplest type of training aid, virtual reality tools through to a full flight simulator, all training equipment is of the highest quality and is designed to support integrated, progressive learning.


Think About a Basic Trainer. Is This What You Get?

Long-term support is a critical element to be considered during the aircraft selection process. Pilatus has built its reputation and much of its success on the customer support and services provided to a large fleet of military trainer aircraft around the world. Pilatus has established solid solutions by supporting a very large number of basic trainer aircraft around the world. While some of those are managed through ad hoc support on demand, most customers opt for a full performance based service where Pilatus guarantees availability of aircraft or flight hours. The air force’s responsibilities are reduced to provision of pilots and facilities. Other customers have a hybrid of these two arrangements with a partial performance service like spares availability, with other elements such as maintenance or manpower provided on demand.

Why Own a PC-7 MKX?
Ten Reasons


State-Of-The-Art Training

The PC-7 MKX is optimised for use in the primary and basic sectors of military pilot training. It is the ideal tool for streaming young pilots into their future assignments, be it a fighter, multi-engine or rotary platform.


Smart Avionics

The avionics suite of the PC-7 MKX is ultra-modern. The smart software does not have a civilian background. It is highly professional avionics software developed with a focus on primarily military use. It will effortlessly prepare the student for the next training segment on the way to the front line.


Proven Track Record

The PC-7 MKX is based on the proven PC-7 MkII trainer platform in use all over the world. Like its predecessors, the PC-7 MKX offers unbeatable reliability, which results in constant availability in all climatic environments.


Top Performance

700 shaft horsepower and 300 knots top speed: the PC-7 MKX has the unsurpassed aerodynamic performance in this class of trainer aircraft on the market, pushing the speed and climb rate into a domain for best possible training success.


Safety First

The PC-7 MKX is the only training aircraft in this class that is equipped with world-renowned Martin-Baker ejections seats and proven Pratt & Whitney Canada engine. The benign handling of the PC-7 MKX ensures safe operation at all times - even in the hands of a beginner.


Superior Training Value

The PC-7 MKX dramatically cuts the total cost of training student pilots to front-line standards, with the lowest life-cycle cost of any platform in its class.


Swiss Quality

A trainer aircraft is put through thousands of landings, some of which may not be the smoothest. A high quality training aircraft with aluminium structure is essential for such demanding operations. Pilatus has been producing and selling aircraft worldwide since 1939, earning a reputation for excellence.


One-Stop Shop

Pilatus provides all the elements required for efficient pilot training: aircraft, ground-based training systems, documentation, engineering support, supply chain management, maintenance and supervision.


First-Class Support

Don’t experiment: you will be provided with all the support you need over the entire lifecycle of the PC-7 MKX. We will support your PC-7 MKX for as long as it is part of your training solution. Pilatus offers integrated service from spare parts to complete maintenance solutions based on individual requirements.


Risk-Free Acquisition

The PC-7 MKX is built on a solid certification foundation. This aircraft is guaranteed to deliver a lifecycle of at least 30 years. Pilatus is an independent Swiss company operating from neutral Switzerland. Your data are protected and you retain full data sovereignty. Always.

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