Media Release 08.02.2024

First New South Wales Ambulance PC-24 in Service

The New South Wales Ambulance Fixed Wing Aeromedical Operations brings its first PC-24 into service, demonstrating how this aircraft continues to live up to its namesake as the world’s only Super Versatile Jet.

In 2021, Australia’s New South Wales Ambulance decided to purchase two state-ofthe- art PC-24s to further increase the organization’s operational capabilities. The operator will use the PC-24 to provide aeromedical services to the people of New South Wales, covering an area of approximately 800,000 square kilometers. It is anticipated that the Super Versatile Jet will conduct around 800 flights, transferring approximately 6,500 patients, during its first year of service.

“The PC-24 is no stranger to the aeromedical space, it’s a highly sought after platform for many of the top aeromedical organizations around the world. Like the aircraft, the aeromedical configuration has proven itself in some of the harshest operating conditions anywhere. We’re extremely proud that the New South Wales Ambulance has chosen our aircraft to save lives and serve their community”, said Pilatus Australia’s CEO, Sebastian Lip.

“The PC-24 increases the capability of our aeromedical operations and is ideal for the long distances we have to cover in Australia, it will be a great asset to our clinical staff and patients”, said NSW Ambulance Commissioner Dr Dominic Morgan.

About the PC-24 Air Ambulance

For the last 30 years Pilatus has been manufacturing and delivering aircraft to some of the most widely recognized and prestigious aeromedical operators around the world – including customers such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia, Ornge in Canada and Kommunalförbundet Svenskt Ambulansflyg (KSA) in Sweden. The PC-24 is the world’s first air ambulance jet with a patient loading door. Patients can be loaded and unloaded from the Super Versatile Jet by means of an electrically powered loading device or alternatively with a ramp – patient loading has never been safer, faster or easier.