Message 07.06.2022

Brazil Customer – Runway on the Own Farm

Dirceu Julio Gatto is a Brazilian entrepreneur and agricultural producer who invests in agricultural production. He lives in the city of Unai, in the interior of the state of Minas Gerais. He recently took delivery of his first PC-12 NGX. The ideal aircraft to be able to fly easily to the remotest areas of Brazil in the future! Pilatus Aircraft Ltd

His Italian immigrant parents were part of the group who pioneered agricultural practices in Brazil. So it was hardly surprising that Mr Gatto inherited a passion for farming from his father, with whom he worked in the family’s own fields since his youth. With persistence and massive investment in technology and infrastructure, Mr Gatto has become one of the leading names in the Brazilian agricultural sector, and now owns several properties across the country.

The Handover of the Aircraft

The PC-12 NGX with serial number 2,065 was handed over by Synerjet’s sales manager, Alexandre Morais, on Mr Gatto's property. The Fazenda Buriti, with its private runway of 1,200 metres was ideally suited for this. Mr Gatto’s children and grandchildren were present at the delivery, delighted to see the much anticipated PC-12 NGX.

Knowledge and Experience With the PC-12

Operator of a Piper M500 aircraft in the past and an aviation enthusiast, Mr Gatto chose the PC-12 NGX for its versatility, superlative performance and low operating costs. The PC-12 NGX offers the high level of comfort and quality sought by Mr Gatto on his business trips and leisure travel with the family. With his new aircraft, Mr Gatto will now be able to fly to the remotest areas of Brazil, taking off directly from the runway located on his farm.

Location Minas Gerais in Brazil

Established in the state of Minas Gerais for over 40 years, Mr Gatto is passionate about nature in general and where he lives in particular, a location which boasts some of the longest rivers in Brazil. Mr Gatto's main farms in Minas Gerais are Fazenda Buriti I and Fazenda Buriti II. With an irrigated area of over 1,300 hectares, the farms engage in year-round bean, corn and soybean production as well as livestock rearing.

Synerjet – The Authorised Pilatus Centre for Central and South America

SYNERJET CORP is a privately held aviation company, headquartered in Panama, with main offices in Brazil and Colombia, primarily selling and servicing business aircraft. Originally established as OceanAir Taxi Aéreo, Synerjet goes back over 20 years. It was named Pilatus Aircraft’s official partner for sales and service representation in Brazil, one of the world’s largest business aviation markets outside the United States, in 2004. Synerjet spent several years focused on selling aircraft in Brazil, with very good results. In 2012, Pilatus appointed the company as its exclusive representative for Central and South America. Based on a new strategy, Synerjet subsequently took on other Latin American territories which had previously gone uncovered. They also operate offices and representatives in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Panama and Guatemala.