Message 23.11.2021

FLYINGGROUP – A Major PC-24 Operator in Europe

FLYINGGROUP traditionally operates a fleet of mainly larger business jets. Now, it also relies on the Super Versatile Jet from Switzerland. In the short period of only two years, this Belgian company has built up a fleet of five PC-24. Pilatus Aircraft Ltd

The Customer Is King

FLYINGGROUP has grown continuously since it was founded in the mid-1990s. The newly renovated and extended group headquarters at Antwerp Airport was inaugurated last year. This building allows the Belgian Operator to offer customers an exceptional experience as soon as they arrive, underlining its slogan, “we don’t just fly passengers, we accommodate guests”. FLYINGGROUP offers its services – aircraft management and charter – worldwide. The main market is the Benelux states and France. 223 employees, including over 100 pilots, currently manage a fleet of 42 aircraft. With agents at eight European airports and an office in Dubai, the company is always close to its customers.

The PC-24 – A Next-Generation Lightweight Jet

The first PC-24 joined the FLYINGGROUP fleet in February 2019. Johan Van Lokeren, partner and CEO of FLYINGGROUP, explains: “The PC-24 is the perfect addition to our fleet which consists mainly of midsize and large jets. We had a few alternatives for shorter routes, but none were anything like the PC-24 – a next-generation lightweight jet.” And the Super Versatile Jet was certainly well received by FLYINGGROUP customers from the outset. Johan Van Lokeren adds: “The PC-24 has that wow effect on our customers! They love the feeling of sitting in a modern jet and enjoy the space available in the generous cabin.” More PC-24 joined the FLYINGGROUP fleet soon after, most recently in November this year. The Belgian company currently operates five PC-24: three are chartered and two are operated privately on behalf of the aircraft owners. Jurgen Van Campenhout, also a partner of FLYINGGROUP and Chief Operating Officer explains: “For customers who use a long-haul business jet for intercontinental travel, the PC-24 is the perfect alternative for shorter trips within Europe. They appreciate the design and the high-quality finish of the cabin and feel completely at home in the PC-24. The jet also has some unique features such as the ability to land easily on short runways.” Fabian Cancellara is one such satisfied FLYINGGROUP customer. The Swiss world champion cyclist and Olympic winner is a customer of many years and has been brand ambassador for the Belgian operator since 2018. He is seen effortlessly unloading his bike via the PC-24’s cargo door in a new FLYINGGROUP video.

The PC-12 in the FlyingPartners Programme

The single-engine turboprop from Stans is no stranger to FLYINGGROUP, either. In fact, the Group operated a PC-12 well. It was made available through the “FlyingPartners” private shared ownership programme in which only turboprops are operated. After purchasing a share in the FlyingPartners, a customer may choose between a variety of hour packages, depending on individual travel needs. After concentrating mainly on jets in recent decades, FLYINGGROUP aims to revive this programme again. For short routes and small airfields, customer demand definitely exists for a modern turboprop such as the PC-12. FLYINGGROUP is an excellent example of how the PC-24 enables Pilatus to build new customer relationships. This client also proves that the qualities of these Swiss aircraft even prestigious business jet operators with no previous contact with Pilatus.