Message 22.01.2016

PC-12 NG Model 2016

Available from 2016, the new PC-12 NG boasts many innovative features, including an eye-catching five blade composite propeller. Performance is even faster and quieter – for the same fuel consumption! Enhancing efficiency in this way is typical of Pilatus, which sees itself as an environmentally aware manufacturer. Pilatus Aircraft Ltd

Always aspiring to make our best-selling products even better, Pilatus engineers have devoted many hours to achieving the improvements incorporated in the new revised PC-12 NG.

Five blade composite propeller

Made by Hartzell, the American supplier, the new five blade composite propeller was developed in conjunction with Pilatus. The successor to the original four blade metal propeller delivers improved performance in the climb and during acceleration for takeoff. The five blade propeller also generates less noise and vibration in the cabin for even greater passenger and pilot comfort. Finally, the five blade propeller brings the new PC-12 NG right up to date with a sexier, more modern look!


The new model also features various aerodynamic improvements, including redesigned under flap actuator for smoother airflow around and several repositioned antennas to align with localizied air flow patterns. These modifications add up to a five knot increase in the new PC-12 NG’s maximum cruising speed of 285 knots (528 km/h).

New design concept

Pilatus sought the help of BMW Designworks to create six stylish new colour concepts for its PC-12 NG “Model 2016”. The two companies have worked together for over a decade, pooling their talents to offer our customers a choice of modern, attractive interior and exterior designs. Alternatively, clients may of course opt for an entirely individual interior in their own choice of colours.

A unique experience

A range of other improvements such as a redesigned door with new handle and additional LED lighting ensure that our customers enjoy the unique Pilatus experience from the instant they step aboard their aircraft. The PC-12 is a best-selling aircraft – over 1300 have left our production line thus far. We have every confidence that these innovations will help to ensure the PC-12 remains one of the most popular single-engine turboprop aircraft on the international market!