Message 02.11.2018

The PC-24 for Jetfly by Philippe Starck

Once the sale of an aircraft is complete, work starts on configuring it together with the customer. There are many choices to be made, including the exterior paintwork, the interior, the avionics suite and other options. For the Jetfly PC-24, the design is a central element – the company commissioned star designer Philippe Starck to take care of the visual aspects of its newest acquisition. Pilatus Aircraft Ltd

Pilatus proposes a large choice of configuration options and countless combinations for the Super Versatile Jet. To make the choice a little easier, Pilatus has put together a number of basic packages which customers can pick and choose from as they please. Sometimes, however, the customer has a very specific requirement in mind – as was the case for Jetfly, for example.

Interior design and exterior colour scheme

Jetfly owns 22 PC-12s designed with the help of Philippe Starck. Jetfly was keen, therefore, that the newest additions to the fleet should also bear his signature – inside and out. “In 2003, Philippe Starck accepted the challenge launched by Jetfly’s founders to renovate the PC-12 with an entirely new design. Following on from a great partnership of 15 years, we asked him to create the design for our new PC-24. The success of Jetfly’s PC-12 programme is of course due to the aircraft’s amazing technical performance, but Philippe’s exceptional design has helped us a lot in our sales”, explains Cédric  escop, CEO of Jetfly.

Jetfly and Philippe Starck soon agreed that all options and combinations could not cover every wish and preference. And so special additional samples were created for certain materials, and a selection of special colours were mixed. After a string of meetings and discussions, the final interior design was agreed with the customer.

The design above all

The exterior paintwork was developed on the basis of initial ideas from Philippe Starck. “The silver represents modernity and the yellow adds a sporty, young touch. The balance of these two colours makes it very modern and elegant and the simple yet striking design featuring the designer’s logo bears his signature for all to see”, says Lescop.

Special materials were used inside the aircraft, too. The interior is based on a “Vail” package – with a predominance of light colours. The leather seats are beige, the carpet light grey and the wood dark. But one colour in particular is responsible for providing that “special something” – the gold chosen for the seatbelts. Many special features only reveal themselves on closer inspection: opening one of the cabinets, for example, one notices the inside walls are painted yellow-green. “The interior design is simple and elegant with warm and cosy colours. Some small yellow touches are visible, but in very discreet way. Absolutely fantastic! I’m sure our customers will feel really at home here”, says Lescop.

Production and handover in Stans

After thousands of working hours, which means ten month lead time, the PC-24 with serial number 111 left the production halls in early September. Jetfly took delivery of the first Starck-designed PC-24 on 13 September. “We’re delighted to take delivery of this, the first of four PC-24s, an acquisition which will allow us to offer our customers outstanding added value”, comments Lescop. The PC-24 will soon be flying across European skies – where it is unlikely to go unnoticed!